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800.589.7329    *    Service Without Boundaries   

American Title, Inc
11010 Burdette St.
PO Box 641010
Omaha, NE 68164-1010
Phone: (800) 589-7329

Bill Mackintosh
Phone: (800) 589-7329 ext. 4101
Email Bill

Executive Vice President
Business Development

Mike Mackintosh
Phone: (800) 589-7329 ext. 4102
Email Mike

Executive Vice President
Human Resources

Ashley Horgan
Phone: (800) 589-7329 ext. 4105
Email Ashley

Chief Operations Officer
Scott Mcgregor
Phone: (800) 589-7329 ext. 4128
Email Scott

Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Slump
Phone: (800) 589-7329 ext. 4109
Email Kelly

Information Services / Technology
Phone: (800) 589-7329 ext. 4444
Email - IT Help Desk

Vice President of Sales
Josh Livingston
Phone: (800) 589-7329 ext. 4117
Fax (866) 853-0133
Email Josh

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