Continuous Improvement

ATI invests more than any other company in technology, people, and training to make sure that we are always meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations in our ever-changing market. Our employees create behind the scene resources that our clients appreciate and allow us to champion the solutions that they deserve. We are confident with our continuous improvement culture, we will continue to innovate and create solutions that differentiate us from the competition. Feel free to contact us for an example of how we are championing these solutions.


ATI owns and operates its own technology, which allows us to develop the solutions that each client is looking for. Our first priority is creating flexible solutions that meet our clients’ needs, and then we build technology and processes around the solution to make sure we offer a consistent Awesome Customer Experience for every client.


The people, technology, and relationships we have developed put us in a position to offer consistent quality, service, turn times, products, and an overall positive experience. Over the last 20 years we have created and refined the most mature database of abstractors and notaries that allows us to offer accurate information in every county in the country. We keep track of this data to provide feedback to all of our stakeholders to improve the way we produce the solutions.


We have not only accepted third party oversight, we have embraced what this means for our company and our clients. We have invested heavily to make sure that we not only meet the requirements, but we continue to work with clients to make sure that we exceed the future requirements. This is an investment that is required to earn your business, but also an investment in the future of our business. We are big enough to invest in what is required, and small enough to make sure we create an Awesome Customer Experience.


We are proud of the work that we do. We take great pride in not only creating an Awesome Customer Experience for our clients, but also in forcing the competition to perform at a higher level.