We have put together these foundation products to help build the solutions that our lenders need.

Title Products

Streamlined Title offerings are designed for lenders who believe that traditional title is too slow or expensive for their lending needs and are focused on working with a partner to create the most cost effective solution. We have a vast array of product solutions that allows our lending partners to select and build the right options for their needs, and adapt product solutions in the ever-changing market.

Traditional Title products are also available in all 50 states for lenders who would like another possible solution. We have partnered with multiple underwriters to offer the most competitive solutions in the market for lending. Similar to our Alternative Title solution, we want to bring the best product offering to our clients and the best possible pricing available.

Valuation Products

Hybrid Appraisals created due to the changes in the regulatory landscape that have all but eliminated the use of many of the original alternative valuations. Stand-alone AVMs are out and USPAP-compliant appraisals need to be included in every valuation solution. Our suite of Appraisal Hybrids help our clients match risk with cost while staying compliant under the new guidelines. Our “Order Wizard” process also helps our clients avoid unnecessary upgrades or paying twice for alternatives that turn out to be more trouble than they are worth.