Home Equity


Home Equity has always been a priority to us. We champion innovative solutions with our clients to improve their process and help them secure their bottom line. Our approach has been consistent from the start. We simply listen to our client’s needs and work with them to implement the best practices for each situation.

We believe that our solutions are a great foundation for lenders but do not necessarily answer all of their needs. We work directly with each lender to understand their process so that we can customize the best solution for them to serve their customers. Our size gives us the ability to meet all compliance requirements that our lending partners are faced with today, while still being proactive to create the right solutions.


Our Platinum Program was designed specifically to meet compliance and risk needs, while understanding what businesses want in speed and cost savings.  Our Platinum series is the most widely used product in the Home Equity Market. It pairs real property information directly from the county with our recording process to offer a complete solution.  We have been told by our home equity clients (the largest lenders in the country) that these products provide the best solution for Home Equity lending. We also understand lenders require options and offer a full cascade of Vesting to Title Insurance products to meet every need.


In the ever-changing landscape of valuations, having an innovative solution provider that can help navigate the compliance and regulatory waters is essential.  We believe that we can assist in any valuation challenge. Our flagship product, the HVR Exterior Appraisal, is designed as the industry standard for Home Equity lending. This is one of several products that can be delivered faster and at a substantially lower cost than traditional appraisals – without adding risk. Designing product lines with both the compliance and line of business in mind has shaped our product offerings and created true solutions.  Our valuation cascade of products range from AVM-based products to Traditional Full Appraisals.