We have created and designed title and valuation solutions to meet each lender’s needs. We create solution-based products that create efficiencies through each stage of the loss mitigation process. These solutions help lenders protect themselves against exposure and unnecessary costs. Our industry knowledge and our focus on creating better ideas in the mitigation market have led to innovative solutions to these problems.


Each stage of the title and mitigation process requires various amounts of data to make sound decisions for the borrower’s path. Whether your group decides to modify, sell, or foreclose on the property, our solutions can help with each stage effectively and efficiently. From an Assignment Verification Report to a Marketable Title search, we have an array of title options to fit your needs. Our market-leading product, the Graded Property Report, helps facilitate a faster decision process by using lender-based rules to pass or fail a report.  This process helps determine which path and level of expertise is required to review the report.  Additionally we can create flat files that allow teams to quickly sort and review data on large bulk files.  Lastly, if a final policy becomes lost we are happy to work on replacing the policy when needed.  These products are created to allow for a more efficient and effective workflow for servicers.


We offer a suite of valuation tools to help you better understand the best possible path for you and the borrower when it comes time for mitigating a loan. Our solutions help you arrive at the best value for your situation without offering more information or cost than is needed.  From Broker Price Opinions to desktop reviews to full appraisals, our goal is to fully understand your needs and match the best solution to them.  Working closely with your teams we can identify a simple product solution, or a cascading option to meet your needs. From innovative analytical tools and forensic review, to our signature desktop and retroactive appraisals we have the product suite to meet every need.  Our focus is delivering a comprehensive solution that matches risk with cost.